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Confluence of community, ceremony, and performance

Miyawata Culture is a company devoted to the preservation, rejuvenation and dissemination of Traditional and Contemporary Cree culture and language.

Miyawata is a company which believes in Indigenous Performance as a field based on artistic practice, theories/methods and body of knowledge rather than based on identity. All Peoples are welcome to attend and take part in its work.

Miyawata’s activities are grounded in the belief that all of its theories, activities and methods are originate in the Traditions and Cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, and it is these creative structures that act as the bridge in which all Peoples of the world are invited to take part in our activities.

Floyd P. Favel


“Theatre, as a younger brother/sister of Indigenous Tradition must have a healing component and be born on this land.

Floyd Favel is a theatre theorist, director, essayist, and Cree cultural leader based in Saskatchewan. He studied theatre in Denmark at the Tukak Teatret, a school for Inuit and Sami People. After-which he studied in Italy with Jerzy Grotowski, a Polish theatre director and one of the more influential theatre figures of the 20th century.

Since then he has travelled and worked across the country and world developing his own unique theatre process he entitles ‘Native Performance Culture’, or NpC- Indigenous theatre is an artistic genre with its own methods, techniques, and body of knowledge that is open to all Peoples and not defined by ‘identity’ and that it is multi-cultural in presentation.

He has worked across Canada and the United States and has been presented or worked at such venues as: Denver Art Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, National Arts Centre, Ondinnok Theatre, Concordia University/Montreal, University of Ottawa, Canada Dance Festival, New Dance Horizons, The Globe Theatre/Regina, U of BC/Kelowna, National Theatre School of Canada. His essays have been published in The Globe and Mail, Native Peoples Magazine, Opsice (Poland), Isuma Productions, Canadian Theatre Review, Utopies (France), Coteau Books, News Optimist, Lakota Country Times, Navajo Times, SUNY Press.

He is the curator of the Chief Poundmaker Museum (winner of the 2019 Indigenous Tourism Award). He has also done extensive radio work with CBC, starring with Thomas King, in the Dead Dog Café for a number of years.

Kelly Daniels

Culture Director

Kelly Daniels Daniels, singer, ceremonialist and cultural leader is from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, and currently residing on the Red Pheasant Cree Nation. His music has been nominated for numerous awards at the Native American Music Awards and the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, which he has won with his singing group, Meewasin Oma, in 2009, 2010 and 2012. As well he has performed at the televised APCMA awards show on 2 occasions. His group also performed at the Vancouver 2012 Olympic Aboriginal Cultural Pavilion.

Mr. Daniels is a recognized cultural leader amongst his people and is often called upon to lead ceremonies or speak at local cultural events. He has also presented at the University of British Columbia, Concordia University, and at the Conference for Sacred Medicines in Toluca, Mexico. He is also one of the handful of people who can tell the Cree Creation Story in its totality as well as having the rights to tell other Cree cultural stories.

Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand

Art and Production Director

Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand is a multi disciplinary visual artist. She makes music under the name CUCURUCHA. She also runs the Centre du Rat, an art centre in and around her home in Montreal.



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