Pipon Maskanaw Winter Trail Sacred Stories

Great Spirit has given stories, He left stories for us human beings to give us guidance from the sky and earth. Great Spirit said to the first human beings: “These stories, I leave with you. They should be carried into the future. Generation to Generation, tell these stories to each other and to the children and grandchildren. These stories are to go on into the future, Until I return back to this world.”
-Kelly Daniels

AJ douglas
Kathia Rock
Crystal Shields
Vivian Stoney
Ken Saddleback
Daphie Pooyak

Camera and Sound
Em Ironstar
Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand

Editing, Drawing, Animation
Sofia Mesa
Em Ironstar

Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand
Mariah Meawasige

Shadow Work
Marika Karlsson

Floyd Favel

Cultural Director
Kelly Daniels

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