Festival 2019

The Festival took place at the Miyawata Culture stage, Chief Poundmaker museum and Fort Battleford August 6 to 8, 2019.

Uncle Vanya

Adapted by F. Favel, Iwona Wozniak and Dr. Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska, Set/costumes/props by Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand. Assistant Director: Madie Jolliffe. Dramaturge: Aneta Glowacka. Cast: Chaima Zidoune, Iwona Wozniak, Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska, Quanah Daniels, Leni Krivy, Floyd Favel, Roy Challice.

Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska, Leni Krivy, Kelly Daniels, Chaima Zidoune, Quanah Daniels

Plains Indian Sign Language Workshop led by Lanny Real Bird

Dr. Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska Odissi Dance

Daphie Pooyak and Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska

Indigenous Storytellers

Karen Pheasant and Kahente Horn-Miller

Fort Battleford Performance Series

Jennifer Nicotine, Justin Benson, Wild Horse Drum Group, Golden Sunrise Dance Troup from Red Pheasant

Poundmaker Museum Art Show

Works by Henry Beaudry, Meryl Mcmaster, Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand, F. Favel and Ursula Neuerburg

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