2020 Poundmaker Indigenous Performance Festival

Online August 6-8, 2020

The primary purpose of this festival is to celebrate the talent and diversity of our local Indigenous singers, dancers, poets, and actors. This local celebration is in the context of celebrating and presenting the various manifestations of global Indigenous performance, theory and methods as part of and alongside diverse world theatre practices.

We live in a world that is in a crisis, as foretold by our Indigenous spiritual leaders of the past. The traditional and spiritual presentations and ceremonies are to remind us that these are the basis of our cultures, world views and contemporary artistic practices and that it is vital that we share this knowledge with the world.

It is crucial that the festival and conference take place in an Indigenous community as family and community are the basis of Indigenous cultures worldwide. As well, to present the festival and conference in holistic Indigenous structures and venues in our own community is an act of empowerment and de-colonization.

Performances, Presentations & Lectures

August 8, 2020
Dr. Aneta Glowacka and Eugenia Sojka From early transcultural encounters with Indigenous writers and artists to the immersion in the theatre of Floyd Favel. Polish and Upper Silesian journeys into Indigenous cultures in Canada.
Dr. Sabina Sweta Sen-Podstawska 
Mudras in Waskawewin: The meeting of Odissi Dance and Plains Indian Sign Language in Floyd Favel’s theatre method.
Dr. Ursula Neuerburg Denzer
Goose Break in Oujé-BougoumouGoing North to connect thoughts on performance with teachings on traditional and contemporary Indigenous Dwellings.
From Uncle Vanya on Poundmaker, via Mashteuiatsh to the Shaptuans in Oujé-Bougoumou.
Curtis Peeteetuce
Monologues from Oedipus at Colonus
Jesse Archibald Barber
Performing Ceremony and Community in Making Treaty 4
Dr. Sabina Sweta Sen-Podstawska 
“Master of the Dew” [ a work-in-progress performance based on Odissi dance technique and Plain Indian Sign Language]
Sacred Performance Set with
Sacred Performance Set with
Cecile MoosominMisty Moosomin and Howard Clay
Kahentineta Horn
The Good Message, The Power, The Peace
Sacred Performance Set with
Santee Witt
Sacred Performance Set with
Meewasin Oma

August 7, 2020

Émilie Monnet and Waira JacanamijoyMutumbajoy with Mélanie O’bomsawin
La Vida es una Pinta – Painting Life
Dr. Gerald McMaster
Artists I knew
Virginie Magnat
In Search of Healing: Artaud’s Testimony about his Encounter with the Tarahumara
Åsa Simma
Reflections on Performing Arts Among the Sami Peoples
Kent Monkman and Gisele Gordon 
Collaborating with Miss Chief
Melanie Favel
Home Fire
Dr. Dawn Martin Hill
Where Science and Prophecy Meet
Dr Kahente Horn Miller 
Paintings To Power: The Meaning of the Mohawk Warrior Flag
Waira Jacanamijoy Mutumbajoy and Émilie Monnet in Conversation – About their project “Life is a Vision”
Lux Benson and Howard Clay
The Arrival of the Sacred Medicine

August 6, 2020

Floyd Favel
Presents the Festival – Theatre: Younger Sibling of Tradition
Iwona Wozniak 
Floyd Favel – Grotowski from the Cree family – Theatre and Ritual in the Theatrical Method of Floyd Favel
Dr. Kahente Horn Miller
Tsi ni tsi wen:a: To Make Alive in the Minds of the People
Dr. Dave Courchene
The Importance of Language and Identity
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
The World at a Crossroads
Hélène Choquette. 
The making of Kanata: 2 years in the eye of a documentary filmmaker
Home –an indigenous adaptation of Uncle Vanya By Zagłębie Theatre and Miyawata Culture Inc.
Daphie Pooyak
Cree Nakota Teachings