Festival 2022

Here is the Documentation of the 2022 edition of the Poundmaker Indigenous Performance Festival.

An Indigenous performance festival with a multi-cultural face, that invites the world to our community and from there, we present to the world through our videos on YouTube and our website, the work. 

July 10

Opening Sweat Lodge

July 11, 12, 13

Plains Indian Sign Language Workshop

With Dr. Lanny Real Bird, Crow Agency-Montana

Chief Poundmaker Museum

July 14 1 pm, opening feast for the Basil Favel Memorial Tipi, followed by speeches and remarks. Chief Poundmaker Museum.

Friday July 15 8 pm : Reading by Mercedez Tate (Poundmaker), and performance premiere of The Trojan Women by Euripides ( cast members from Poundmaker, Little Pine, Montreal and Poland-Quanah Daniels, Leze Pewap, Marika Karlsson, Aneta Glowacka, Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska) and Odissi Dance Performance by Sabina Sweta Sen Podstawska.

Saturday July 16

Chief Poundmaker Museum

9 am: At miyawata culture space at Poundmaker Lake, Yoga and Meditation. Community event

1 pm; Dr. Kahente Horn Miller (Mohawk Nation)

2 pm Teniel Whiskeyjack (Saddle Lake) “Healing through Storytelling, Movement and Women Sacred Medicine”. Presentation and workshop

3. Kendal Netmaker ( Sweetgrass)-Culture as base for Business. Presentation and workshop

4 pm- Puppet workshop with youth. 

Miyawata Culture Stage

8 pm Janelle Ecoaborijanelle (Little Pine). Poetry reading and artist talk. 

Teneil Whiskeyjack performance ‘ Ayita’ at Poundmaker Lake, and artist talk and workshop

Ariel Cardinal– Performance and artist talk.

Fireside sharing circle for audience and artists.

Kelly Daniels (closing Ceremony)

Sunday July 17

9 am- Meditation and yoga at Miyawata Culture Stage

12 pm- closing feast and remarks. 

This was our most successful festival to date in regards to audience and participation numbers, and also the assistance with logistics and audience from our Chief and Council.

We are a unique festival, and we intend to keep growing and to find our footing, which I believe we are.

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